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Oscar Wilde’s definition of a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

But we understand values. When we talk about values we are not referring to your bank balance, investment portfolio or pension statement, we mean your core personal beliefs, your judgment about what is important in life, your dreams, aspirations and ambitions; the things that really move you and motivate you.

For some it is the aspiration to achieve amazing dreams; for others it is the peace of mind to know that they will always be able to enjoy the life they have and look after their loved ones.

Very often when we first discuss this with clients they re-evaluate things they take for granted.

To take an example let’s think about a buying a house for one of your children, or setting up a trust fund for a grandchild. It seems an obvious choice to make. But what effect would this gift have on other family members? Would tense relations be further strained by such a gift?

We understand that there is always a downside to having responsibility for wealth. With money comes tough decision-making and we are on hand to be your sounding board. You can treat us as your financial coach to help you deal, impartially, with any of your concerns.

Where other companies say, “We can make you more money” we say “How much money do you need?” Let’s figure that out together and make a financial plan to make sure we deliver that to you safely, for life.

We believe this approach makes us unique. And our clients find it truly invigorating. Some feel this is a real epiphany. One even described the process as “like marriage guidance for you and your money”

We know we are different from other advisers and we would love the chance to show you how.

Don't just take our word for it, contact us today and find out.